No more cookies

Replace your cookies with a privacy-first, cookieless cloud storage that works across your website domains.

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Privacy protection

Secure data across domains

Protect your visitors with secure data storage. Your websites can access the encrypted customer records, but nobody else can.

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Central management of compliance

Manage compliance centrally

Your data retention policies and local legislation can now be guaranteed across all of your websites. Manage them from one simple dashboard.

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Personal data dashboard

Data access and portability

Privacy laws require data access and portability for all your customers. So, every Circus account comes with a personal Data Dashboard for each of your visitors, where they can see which data records you keep about them, export this data or delete it.

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More privacy features

To help you get compliant to the GDPR and CCPA, we offer the following additional features.

Opt-out by default

We built in a required consent mechanism to make sure that your visitors allow data storage. Opting out automatically removes the data of a visitor.

Custom retention period

Within the limits of your plan, you can set a custom data retention period. This means that we will keep idle data sets available for no longer than this period.

Custom legal regions

You may choose your preferred region for data processing and storage, depending on the regulations you need to follow. You can choose between Europe, the United States or to let us decide based on the location of the visitor.


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Replace your cookies with a privacy-first cloud storage.

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